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    Discover the frequently asked questions when using the SmartAerial PANO application.

    Equipment compatibility

    Will the SmartAerial PANO support DJI drone with fixed landing gear ?

    Yes, the application manage yaw gimbal as well as yaw drone to shoot in the correct direction without landing gear masking.

    Does my DJI Mavic drone work with the SmartAerial PANO ?

    Yes, but with the latest Mavic 2 Zoom, SmartAerial PANO App will be compatible. The other Mavic products are not compatible.
    Coming soon.

    Is SmartAerial PANO compatible with DJI CrystalSky ?

    Yes, the app is working on DJI CrystalSky ! But you need to buy the app through Amazon Store. As Google Ppay and Amazon Store are not linked at all, if you want the app on 2 different platforms, you need to pay it twice. Sorry but this due to the way DJI is supporting thirdparty app.
    Dedicated support page  is here.

    Caption process

    How long does it take to shoot a Gigapixel panorama with the SmartAerial PANO ?

    The global process depend mainly from two parameters, which are computed and stored from each template.
    – The DJI camera performance for JPG or Raw processing,
    – The focal of your lens which impacts the number of image per row
    For example, with an Zenmuse X5, when your drone and camera are centered with the required camera parameter, you can capture over 10 pictures per minute. So the total caption of a 180° panorama is 4 min 30 sec.

    How to make sure my panorama has the right angle ?

    SmartAerial PANO provides two features to have the right framing and angle positionning.

    1/ A Compass displays the gimbal degree angles in real time

    2/ A “Capture Check” slider allow to know the four edges of you targeted panorama before starting the capture.


    Where can I get additional template for SmartAerial PANO ?

    All SmartAerial PANO Templates are available here.

    You can download any template you need in your tablet, then use the Import option from the App to get it.

    Does SmartAerial PANO stitch my images ?

    No, but SmartAerial PANO provides a global display of your set of images corresponding to the latest caption.
    For accurate panorama and stiching, a third party stitching software is required.

    Is SmartAerial PANO available on Apple Store ?

    No, SmartAerial PANO is currently compatible with Android tablet and phone only.

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