How to install SmartAerial PANO on DJI CrystalSky monitors
(Update 2021)

SmartAerial PANO does not run out of the box on Crystal Sky, since the custom Android system provided by DJI does not include Google Play Store nor the Google libraries that SmartAerial PANO requires.

In order to get SmartAerial App running on your Crystal Sky you will have to manually install software.

1/update Crystal Sky to the latest DJI firmware:

a. Open settings:

b. Select update

c. Select check for updates

d. If an update is available, download it

e. Before installing make sure you have enough battery and enough space.

2. Download and save the following file to a mini-sdcard:

  • google-installer-2-0.apk

Open the Google Installer and install each package but DO NOT OPEN (!) any of the packages.
This will install Google Play Services and its required component

3. Launch Google Play and find SmartAerial PANO

4. Install the SmartAerial PANO App

Note: Check to well update Google Play Services until any installation.