How to install SmartAerial PANO on DJI CrystalSky monitors

  1. On your DJI monitor, open this web page ( and tap here to install the Amazon AppstoreResponsive image
  2. Login to your Amazon account in the Amazon Appstore app you just installed.
  3. Find and buy SmartAerial PANO app if “My App” folder does not contains it.

    Please note that you can only have one version of SmartAerial PANO installed at once: You cannot have SmartAerial PANO from Google’s Play Store installed on the same device as SmartAerial PANO from Amazon’s Appstore.
  4. By default, SmartAerial PANO in-app warning messages are disabled on DJI monitors, so make sure to enable them by going into your DJI monitor ‘Settings -> Apps -> Swipe left to see All apps -> SmartAerial PANO, then check ‘Show notifications’.
  5. You’re now ready to use SmartAerial PANO on your DJI monitor.